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Badische Zeitung Freiburg 18. November 2010

"reconstructing Mahler" at the Jazzfestival Freiburg

Pictures of faded black and white or pale color are flickering on the screen. The short films that are depicting forests, landscape or rain are scored live by shortfilmlivemusic. The ensemble around the Freiburg-based vocalist Jan Kurth, which has existed for half a decade, performed in the context of the Jazzfestival Freiburg in the hall of the Kunstverein. This concert was far from being an everyday experience. (…) [The pictures] are composed to filmic collages, analogous to the music: Blown-away guitar chords (Matthias Kurth), the airstreams of the saxophone (Lutz Streun), shimmering drum beats (Demian Kappenstein) and a hissing voice which masters all instrumental varieties. (…) “A magical journey into Mahler’s musical worlds,” as announced, was indeed provided by shortfilmlivemusic. Breaking musical forms and stylistic boundaries is something that Mahler himself would have enjoyed.

Manfred Kobe, Badische Zeitung Freiburg

Augsburger Allgemeine 10.09.2010

The Augsburg Textile and Industry Museum (TIM) presented an open and enthralled audience with a consistent new music art piece on Wednesday. The concert formed the brilliant finale of the project „Sounding D“, which had made a stop in Augsburg as a kind of special train. The longest, extremely convincing and quite rightly celebrated œuvre of the evening was „Heavy Machines“, a very appropriately labeled own composition and improvisation of the musicians involved. The basis of this premiere formed a 40-minute collage by the Dresden-based media artist Benjamin Schindler, who assembled old film material from the TIM’s archive. The versatile shortfilmlivemusic orchestra improvised with the other musicians along the pictures like a pianist would along a silent movie.


The overall work was characterised by constantly changing sound impressions and an extremely versatile percussivity. It was also possible to make associations with film scores at some points. The orchestra surprised its audience with a lot of unexpected and unheard of things in a fragile and at the same time close to bursting atmosphere and was rewarded rightfully with long-lasting standing ovations.

Dresdner Neueste Nachrichten 16.4.2009

The 21st Filmfest Dresden was opened by shortfilmlivemusic

(...) While last year‘s festival opening was mainly characterised by speeches, it was contrasted by pure art: The project called shortfilmlivemusic, scored seven films live with a multinational band.
It is well-wrought, very appealing to friends of unorthodox music, but could also have been too strange for many visitors. It starts off with calm, almost incomplete sounds accompanying impressions of the Wall by Anke Oehme and continues to become more comprehensible during the documentation „The Forgotten Brigade” by Helga Bahmer. (…) A perfect connection of picture and sound can be experienced during the German experimental film „Urban Poems“ by, in which movements in the streets appear as traces of light combined with drum sampling loops, forms are emphasized, the bridge “Das Blaue Wunder” is turned and flipped over. The music is an organic part of the pictures at all times – a lot of applause is the reward for the beautiful piece. Most people should know the feature film „Berlin is in Germany“ starring Jörg Schüttauf. (…) The story works perfectly combined with the melancholy recorder of Jan F. Kurth. Matthias Kurth‘s contorted guitar portrays the strangeness oft he situation.
Dalibor Kocian from Slovakia fascinates with his sad voice.
(...) Beate Baum

Westfälische Nachrichten, Münster, 28.10.2008

There is drumming at the climax of the „Half Total“. With shortfilmlivemusic, four young musicians from Dresden and Cologne provided in front of the screen the musical accentuation for a dozen short films with sounds played live and sung adventurously onomatopoeic, which show the diversity of the Genre. They used drums, saxophone, electric guitar, voice and a whistle, which provided some comical effects, when animated figures enjoy the audience by jumping over hills that are unfortunately not piles of money. Films from the film schools of Cologne, Kassel and Hamburg enthralled the audience because they were able to keep up with the British animation „Wallace & Gromit“ or reminded of the hundred-years-old Tradition of abstract film as well as the associative editing using the example of city architecture.

Sächsische Zeitung, 6.2.2006

The combination of film and live music encouraged several hundred people to come to the old lecture hall in the Bebelstrasse. The hosts of the cinema „Kino im Kasten" and the AG Kurzfilm were extremely delighted and presented the record of visitors with a nice selection of twelve diverse short films, ranging from black and white and silent over drawn and puppet animations to bulky art and enjoyable mini fiction. While the two cues of the craft-wise accomplished band remained uninspiried scrubbing, the sensitively polished, virtuous and partly daring voice and blower work of Jan Kurth and Dániel Vedres connected with Anja Struck’s “Child of Honey” and “Travel to China” by Gil Alkabetz to become a simply enthralling experience. And last but not least DJ Jan Voigt, who replaced the tearjerking music of the „Woman Below the Ice“ by a funky house mix thereby refining the animation and making it bearable. (SZ/or)
• The lesson is clear: More of it, please! – Soon!


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