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"reconstructing Mahler - a vision's gleaming sounds" Tour 2010/2011

19.04.2010 Dresden (D) fotos of the event
21.04.2010 Temeswar (RO) fotos of the event
22.04.2010 Debrecen (HU) fotos of the event

7.-8.11.2010 Workshop in Skopje (MK)
09.11.2010 Concert in Skopje (MK)
10.11.2010 Concert in Plovdiv (BG)
11.11.2010 Concert in Sofia (BG)
12.-13.11.2010 Concert und Workshop in Prishtina (Kosovo)
16.11.2010 Concert in Freiburg (D) fotos of the november-tour

20. - 23.08.2011 Workshop & Concert in Taipei/Taiwan
24.08.2011 Opening Concert 3cii in Kaohsiung/Taiwan
25. - 27.08.2011 Workshop & Concert @ 3cii in Kaohsiun/Taiwan

In 2010 shortfilmlivemusic are developing a project based on the music of Gustav Mahler.

For the first time, shortfilmlivemusic pursue the opposite approach: Based on the themes of Gustav Mahler’s music, under the direction of horn blower and composer Dániel Vedres, the band will develop one-of-a-kind adaptations full of improvisatory joy of playing and modern sounds letting the ageless music of Mahler shine in new splendour.

The new music will be complemented by short films which seize on and evolve the aims of Mahler’s music. These films will be compiled in cooperation with large short film agencies and film academies across Europe.

The result will be a film concert experience which takes the spectators on a trip through the world of Mahler’s music. The project can be performed in varied forms and at different places. It is open for enhancements, such as lectures, workshops, mediation projects and musical encounters with other artists and ensembles.

Press Statement 8 April 2010

shortfilmlivemusic goes Mahler – with current short films

In cooperation with the German Short Film Association (AG Kurzfilm) the shortfilmlivemusic ensemble present their new programme „Reconstructing Mahler – a vision’s gleaming sounds“ – for the first time, short films of various genres complement adaptations of an already existing music by an extraordinary band. The first symphony “Titan” by composer Gustav Mahler forms the musical basis for a magical journey through his musical world at the limits of concert and cinema experience.

Gustav Mahler is one of the most iridescent persons of the European musical scene. He broke musical forms, overcame stylistic boundaries and enjoyed giving his audience the run-around. Still, “a vision's gleaming sounds” is not an ordinary homage to Mahler. Under the direction of horn blower and composer Dániel Vedres, the shortfilmlivemusic ensemble creates unique adaptations of Mahler’s ageless music full of improvisatory joy of playing and modern sounds. The short films merge with the new compositions, seize on the aim of Mahler’s music and advance it. The films in the programme complement the theme of Mahler’s first symphony, which deals especially with the relations of humans to temporal perception, technology and, above all, nature. 

In the presence of director Robert Seidel, the artists present the programme for the first time in a workshop concert in the Dresden-based cinema Kino im Kasten on 19 April 2010. Afterwards they will be touring Romania (21 April, Timisoara) and Hungary (23 April, Debrecen). Further dates are planned for November.

One short film in the programme is Robert Seidel’s animation “_grau”, in which memory fragments coming up during a car accident emerge, fuse, erode and finally vanish ethereally. Other highlights are the latest short fiction of Olaf Held “Das letzte Rad” (The Last Wheel) about a spectacular jailbreak, as well as the experimental documentaries “Reise zum Wald” (Journey to the Forest) by Jörn Staeger, a digital filmic poem about the forest in Germany, and “Terminal” by Jörg Wagner, a mystery tour of the wondrous world of a container terminal.

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