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Dresden (Germany)

19. April 2010

Kino im Kasten - Dresden

reconstructing Mahler - a visions gleaming sounds

Gustav Mahler is one of the most iridescent persons of the European musical scene. He broke musical forms, overcame stylistic boundaries and enjoyed giving his audience the run-around. In life, he was as much celebrated as he was damned.

However, "a vision's gleaming sounds" is not an ordinary homage to Mahler. Under the direction of horn blower and composer Dániel Vedres, the shortfilmlivemusic ensemble creates unique adaptations of Mahler’s ageless music full of improvisatory joy of playing and modern sounds. Short films from all over Europe merge with the new compositions, seize on the aim of Mahler’s music and advance it – thereby taking the audience on a magical journey through Mahler’s musical world at the limits of concert and cinema experience.

In coorperation with the AG Kurzfilm.

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